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Cluster Science

14 Sep

In terms of economic development, Los Angeles has a lot of elements working in its favor. So why isn’t L.A. doing as well as its counterparts when it comes to building new, viable industry clusters? The area’s emerging biomedical, technology, and clean technology sectors may provide some teachable moments for a region that’s still sorting out how to attract and retain business. Continue reading

Case Study #3: Technology Sector

14 Sep

The traditional technology sector, like the clean tech and biomedical sectors, is also poised for growth in Los Angeles. A recent Forbes article declared that Los Angeles is set to become the next Silicon Valley. There’s been much talk about Silicon Beach as of late. And L.A.’s penchant for attracting entrepreneurs, venture capital dollars, and software engineering students has some industry watchers excited about the possibilities. Continue reading

Cluster Science: New Approaches

14 Sep

So what can Los Angeles do to better nurture emerging industry sectors? Entrepreneur and investor Richard Hull offers some solutions that may be applicable. First, he suggests that LA appoint a “performance director” that would be responsible for coordination, communication, and making timely connections to accelerate the startup process. This would connect startups to “local incubators, experienced local entrepreneurs, investors and other local business startup resources.” Continue reading

Let’s Talk About Job-Doers

21 Jun

This month marks the first anniversary of the Sustainable Development Report, Estolano LeSar Perez Advisors’ monthly newsletter that spreads the word about ideas, programs and projects that are helpful to professionals seeking to create thriving, healthy, vibrant communities.

Notwithstanding the sour news from Europe or the recent disappointing national job numbers, we are in the midst of a burgeoning spirit of innovation, boldness and determination that marks a turning point in our economic recovery. The creativity and energy of our communities can only be stifled for so long.

As this issue reveals, tech start-ups and their supporting infrastructure are popping up throughout the Southland. New partnerships and collaborations are being built to address gaps in workforce training and education. Long-absent construction cranes are beginning to return to their local habitat. And even the gleam of space exploration is back in the light of the Southern California spring as SpaceX’s successful launch and recovery of a commercial spacecraft reminds us of giant leaps of the past and great deeds to come.

As ELP Advisors moves into its second year of business, we’re energized by new staff, new projects and a driving commitment to building healthy communities with family-supporting jobs, diverse transportation and housing options, dynamic businesses, beautiful places and deep civic engagement.

Sincerely yours,

Cecilia V. Estolano | Jennifer LeSar | Katherine Aguilar Perez

Mapping LA’s Tech Scene

16 Jun

Los Angeles is known for its expansive boundaries, but the folks at Forbes Magazine give us a look into just how tightly-knit the Southland’s up-and-coming tech scene is. With the recent launch of Represent LA, technology entrepreneurs now have a platform where they can tag and map their businesses on an interactive website. Users can see the location of these tech establishments and click on the icons to see a business description, address, and website. Continue reading