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Where are the POPOS?

14 Jan

Privately-owned public open spaces are publicly accessible areas that are built and maintained by private developers. Sporting the unfortunate moniker of “POPOS,” these open spaces include plazas, terraces, atriums, and small parks, among others.   Continue reading

San Francisco: Proposition C – Affordable Housing Trust Fund

17 Oct

THE PROPOSAL: If approved, this measure would create the San Francisco Housing Trust Fund by dedicating a portion of the City’s general fund revenues “to create, acquire and rehabilitate affordable housing and promote affordable home ownership programs” [PDF]. The bill also calls for a 20 percent reduction in the City’s affordable housing requirements for most projects. Continue reading

Park(ing) Day + Parklets

13 Sep

It’s that time of the year when parking spaces are transformed from automotive resting pads to little urban oases. Park(ing) Day will be on Friday, September 21st, so keep an eye out for these temporary public spaces. Continue reading

SF Better Streets: Public Engagement 2.0

13 Jul

As we noted a few months back, cities are rolling out more transparent platforms for public engagement and trying to demystify the complex and largely underwhelming processes that dictate local governance. In a move to make the inner-workings of the approvals process more accessible, San Francisco has launched sfbetterstreets. The program was developed to provide a comprehensive how-to guide that explains the city’s permitting system for different types of projects. Continue reading

Small Business Innovations

22 May

May 20-26 is national small business week. Here in California the news about the economy – and small businesses in particular – is a mixed bag. Continue reading