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Integrating Sustainability and Economic Development

17 Apr

Promoting environmental sustainability and pursuing economic development strategies have typically been considered two separate and (often) competing goals. But times are changing, and a growing body of evidence supports the notion that sustainability typically delivers more enduring and broad-based economic returns. Cities across the continent are beginning to wed environmental sustainability to economic development, looking at investments in a sustainable economy as one tool to build broad-based prosperity. Continue reading

Technology as a Civic Engagement Tool

16 Jan

There’s been much to do about harnessing technology as a civic engagement tool, but groups are now focusing on using technology as a way to help underserved communities navigate complex government processes – and we’re totally on board with the idea. Technology has a lot of potential to be used as a tool to foster civic engagement, to make bureaucratic processes more transparent, and to improve the lives of low-income individuals. But while high-tech wizardry can act as a liberating force, it can also present a significant barrier to entry. Continue reading

Harvesting Kinetic Energy

18 Aug

The Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) will soon be harvesting additional energy from its rail system by taking advantage of regenerative braking. The technology, widely used in hybrid vehicles, converts the kinetic energy of the vehicle into electricity that can be used later. Continue reading