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Brooklyn Navy Yard

19 Mar

Revitalizing the manufacturing sector in the U.S. is an important economic development strategy to create well-paying middle class jobs.  Cities throughout the United States are piloting ways to advance this goal.  New York City is developing this strategy through the Brooklyn Navy Yard, a 300 acre, city-owned industrial park along the Brooklyn waterfront.  At its peak, the Brooklyn Navy Yard produced warships for the U.S. Navy. Today, it houses 330 businesses in film, media, design, and cleantech sectors, and employs about 5,800 people. Continue reading

Adapting to the New Normal

16 Nov

After a drought-plagued summer and the recent havoc wrought by super storm Sandy, scientists, policymakers, and the public are looking for long-term strategies to minimize the damage caused by Mother Nature. Strictly speaking, there is not enough evidence to fault global warming for any one extreme weather event. However, scientists warn that as temperatures rise, we can expect to see these types of events occur with more frequency.

Continue reading

LowLine Update

15 Oct

We talked about the LowLine’s Kickstarter campaign a few months back and we’ve got some updates to share. First, it looks like the campaign managed to raise enough cash to finance the creation of a small replica of the underground park in an abandoned warehouse. The plan calls for the use of new technologies that’ll help deliver sunlight from above ground to the subterranean park in sufficient quantities to allow for photosynthesis. Check out this CNN video for more details on the project.

Cluster Science: New Approaches

14 Sep

So what can Los Angeles do to better nurture emerging industry sectors? Entrepreneur and investor Richard Hull offers some solutions that may be applicable. First, he suggests that LA appoint a “performance director” that would be responsible for coordination, communication, and making timely connections to accelerate the startup process. This would connect startups to “local incubators, experienced local entrepreneurs, investors and other local business startup resources.” Continue reading

A Couple Million For Your Thoughts

13 Jul

Mayor Michael Bloomberg (aka Mayor Mikey B) is launching a competition that’ll have cities vying for $9 million in prizes. This reward-driven do-gooder campaign, dubbed The Mayors Challenge, is offering up $5 million to the city with the best idea on how to make “government work better, solve a serious problem, or improve city life.” Four runners up will each earn $1 million. Continue reading

Small Business Innovations

22 May

May 20-26 is national small business week. Here in California the news about the economy – and small businesses in particular – is a mixed bag. Continue reading

LowLine Project

19 Mar

“What kind of park is underground? An awesome one.”

That’s the pitch for a project that aims to re-imagine, redesign and revitalize an old, abandoned underground trolley terminal in Manhattan’s Lower East Side. Continue reading