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Living Up to the Potential of Clean Transportation

17 Apr

Transportation accounts for a sizable share of our carbon output. In 2006 almost a third of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions came from the movement of goods and people. As we continue to tackle the task of curbing emissions from this unwieldy and varied sector of the economy, local governments and policymakers are devising techniques to integrate clean transportation investment into larger sustainability and economic development goals. Everyone seems to agree that we need to invest in improved (and more sustainable) transportation infrastructure, but a coherent transportation investment strategy that serves as a driver for economic development still seems to allude us. Continue reading

Crenshaw/LAX Corridor Film Series

14 Nov

Metro has commissioned video maker Mobolaji Olambiwonnu of Dreamseeker Media to produce six short videos that illustrate the historical context along the Crenshaw/LAX Corridor. Continue reading