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Revitalization Bills Roundup

20 Mar

While California, as a whole, may be on the path to economic recovery, certain regions of the State look to be in for a much longer and difficult road. Take Imperial County, which has the State’s highest unemployment rate [PDF] at 25% and a poverty rate [PDF] of 23%; or the counties of Merced, Fresno, Madera, Tulare, Kings, and Stanislaus, each of which have unemployment rates higher than the state average and poverty rates between 20-25%.  What new tools can be created at the state level to spur equitable economic development to some of our hardest hit communities? Continue reading

Governor Brown Puts a Hold on Redevelopment Redo

17 Oct

The Governor has put the brakes on the Legislature’s attempts to develop new economic development tools in the wake of redevelopment’s dissolution. Continue reading

It’s Voting Season: A Rundown of Select State and Local Ballot Measures

17 Oct

Election day is upon us once again. While the theatrics of the presidential race have garnered much of the nation’s attention, our friends at Ballotpedia are promising another “high-drama ballot proposition year in California.” Voters in the Golden State are facing a barrage of initiatives, measures, and propositions. We don’t have space to go over all of them here, but we’ve cherry-picked some ballot measures that may shape sustainable development outcomes statewide. This article series will start with local ballot measures for San Francisco and Los Angeles counties, then move on to a state proposition.

California: Proposition 39 – “Clean Energy Jobs Act”

17 Oct

THE PROPOSAL: If passed, Prop. 39 will require out-of-state businesses to calculate their California tax liability based on the percentage of their sales in California. The law would repeal an existing law that gives out-of-state businesses “favorable tax treatment,” and would dedicate $500 million annually to fund projects that create energy efficiency and clean energy jobs in California. The revenue to fund these projects will come from the anticipated tax revenues from the out-of-state companies. Continue reading

Bond Insurer Sues to Undo Redevelopment Dissolution

21 Aug

Wall Street has weighed in on the dissolution of California’s former redevelopment agencies. Earlier this month, bond insurer Syncora Guarantee sued the state, claiming that the shuttering of 400-odd redevelopment agencies unfairly deprives bondholders of the money that they are owed. The insurer claims that the law violates both the California and U.S. constitutions, which each contain provisions that prohibit states from imposing laws that impair contractual rights. Continue reading

RDA Clean-Up Bill Advances

19 Mar

Many communities and public officials have been struggling for the last few months to sift through the upheaval caused by the dissolution of California’s 400 redevelopment agencies (“RDAs”). Continue reading