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Chicago Infrastructure Trust Embarks on its First Project

14 Dec

“As long as our city rests on a 20th century foundation, we won’t be able to compete in a 21st century economy,” says Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel. He made that observation when noting that Chicago is suffering from limited resources to help build and maintain its vast infrastructure network of roads, bridges, transit, schools, and other public facilities. As the Mayor announced last spring, the Chicago Infrastructure Trust is aimed at luring private investment to help fund public infrastructure projects. Now, the trust is launching its first project. Continue reading

Filling the Gap in Innovative Ways

19 Mar

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is hoping that public-private partnerships can save the city’s ailing infrastructure. He recently proposed the establishment of a Chicago Infrastructure Trust. The fund would act as a mechanism that would enable the city to leverage resources and find new forms of funding for public infrastructure projects. Continue reading