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Governor Brown Puts a Hold on Redevelopment Redo

17 Oct

The Governor has put the brakes on the Legislature’s attempts to develop new economic development tools in the wake of redevelopment’s dissolution. Continue reading

Redevelopment Redo

17 Sep

The State Legislature recently passed SB 1156, “a bill that would allow cities and counties to create Sustainable Communities Investment Authorities.” The bill now awaits the Governor’s signature at the end of the month. As we’ve noted, SB 1156 attempts to resuscitate elements of redevelopment after all of the state’s redevelopment agencies were shuttered last year. Hopes are high that Governor Brown will sign the new legislation. But is he likely to sign off on this redevelopment redo? Continue reading

Water Politics and the Art of Legacy-Making

20 Aug

A few months back, we noted that California was a state in serious need of a vision. Considered ungovernable by some, the Golden State has no shortage of problems. Governor Jerry Brown is weathering a slow recovery from a severe economic downturn, and a policymaking system that is often beholden to the whims of a disjointed electorate. These significant hurdles tend to complicate the task of legacy-making. In spite of this, Governor Brown has decided to stake his gubernatorial claim to fame on the promise of two massive infrastructure projects. Continue reading