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Are Transit Improvements Leaving Some People Behind?

22 May

Denver is currently undergoing a massive expansion of its transportation infrastructure. The region’s “FasTracks” Program is set to add 122 miles of new commuter rail and light rail and 18 miles of bus rapid transit.

Communities throughout the Denver region are hoping that new rail lines will encourage a slew of mixed-use, transit-oriented development around the new stations. While this is often touted as a means to revitalize our urban centers and make cities more sustainable, there is often little thought given to who accrues the benefits of upgraded transportation infrastructure.

Are these investments being made in an equitable manner? Are segments of the population that would benefit most from better, more frequent transit service being well-served by planned improvements? Continue reading

Show me the Money

19 Mar
Given our current economic climate, securing funds for long-range transportation projects has been a challenge for cities across the nation. Over the next decade, California’s transportation needs are projected to be funded at less than 50 percent[PDF]. Some governments have addressed the problem by turning to private entities that construct, operate, and maintain their transportation infrastructure. Similarly, the ever popular public-private partnership promises to lessen the burden on local government, but even that funding mechanism falls short. Continue reading