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Case Study #2: Clean Technology Sector

14 Sep

Like the biomedical sector, L.A.’s clean technology sector has great potential. The region is already home to the largest green economy in the nation [PDF]. Working with the umbrella organization Cleantech Los Angeles (CTLA), the Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator (LACI) is looking to harness the region’s assets. Cleantech LA is positioned to be a coordinator of funders, investors, entrepreneurs, business, researchers, educational institutions, and local government. As we described last month, Cleantech LA is poised to take on the role of a backbone organization to propel collective impact. Continue reading

Collective Impact for Jobs

20 Aug

A couple of months back, we proclaimed that it’s time to focus on the job-doers. Now we’re pleased to highlight a conference that is focusing exclusively on workforce development in California. The California Workforce Association will be hosting the “Meeting of the Minds” conference in early September. Continue reading