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For the Love of Manufacturing

18 Feb

The role of manufacturing in the global economy is changing. For years, technology has supplanted less-skilled work that used to be performed by humans. So-called “smart machines” are threatening to eradicate scads of high-skilled, middle class, and professional jobs that once seemed safe. At the national level, there has been much debate about how best to harness these advances in technology and productivity while still retaining the manufacturing sector as a critical component to build (and sustain) the U.S. middle class. As we’re grappling with how best to deal with the realities of the manufacturing sector, let’s look at some interventions that show potential to connect trained workers with advanced manufacturing jobs. The ideas that are gaining the most traction bring the public and private sectors to the table to help design worker training programs that meet the specific needs of today’s employers. Continue reading

Investing in the American Workforce

21 Jun

With some 12 million unemployed Americans, it’s hard to imagine that many sectors are threatened because they can’t find the right workers. But that is precisely the case in many industries that require a skilled labor force. From Iowa to California and everywhere in between, employers have been searching for workers with the necessary training to get the job done. While there is much talk about providing incentives for job creators, investment in workers (or “job-doers”) hasn’t really become part of the political discourse. As we continue to divest in the public school system and provide a modicum of funding for workforce development programs, what other models are out there providing workers with the skills they need to better their job prospects and advance our economy? Continue reading