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Living Up to the Potential of Clean Transportation

17 Apr

Transportation accounts for a sizable share of our carbon output. In 2006 almost a third of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions came from the movement of goods and people. As we continue to tackle the task of curbing emissions from this unwieldy and varied sector of the economy, local governments and policymakers are devising techniques to integrate clean transportation investment into larger sustainability and economic development goals. Everyone seems to agree that we need to invest in improved (and more sustainable) transportation infrastructure, but a coherent transportation investment strategy that serves as a driver for economic development still seems to allude us. Continue reading

Katherine Perez-Estolano Appointed to the CA High Speed Rail Authority

29 Mar

On Thursday, March 28th Governor Jerry Brown appointed Katherine A. Perez-Estolano to the California High Speed Rail AuthorityContinue reading

Transportation Innovations Down South

20 Mar

The sequester has taken some of the wind out of the sails of efforts at federal transportation reform. With funding sources running dry, potentially game-changing transportation improvements are left on the table or scrapped completely. Those that do pass have to contend with continuing hurdles of opposition. What to do when the feds are scaling back? We’ve decided to pack our bags and head to South America: a place where winter comes in June and transportation innovations come year-round. Continue reading

Traveling the Length of California by Local Transit

15 Feb

From the guy that brought us the “when pigs fly” map of high-speed rail in the U.S., is a more reality-based (if not entirely practical) map of local transit [PDF] throughout California. For those of you who may be contemplating a grueling 32-hour trek across the state via local transit, including seven transfers and a brief stint in Nevada, this map may come in handy.

Investing in Pedestrian & Bicycle Infrastructure

16 Jan

The momentum around improving our streets to accommodate pedestrian and bicyclists continues to grow. Los Angeles has recently launched an effort to make 53 of the City’s busiest intersections more pedestrian-friendly by restriping crosswalks to increase visibility and decrease vehicle-pedestrian collisions. And, though recently scrapped, the LA City Council’s proposed $3 billion road repair bond measure promised funding for sidewalks, crosswalks and bike infrastructure as well (though a majority of the funds would have gone to benefit drivers). Although it’s been a long time coming, bicycle and pedestrian improvements are becoming part of the larger conversation when it comes to infrastructure. Continue reading

A TOD Cabinet for Collaboration

14 Dec

When it comes to transit-oriented development, Los Angeles is a city brimming with plans, ideas, and long-term vision. But, according to a report [PDF] by the Los Angeles Business Council Institute, the municipality has been lacking on the coordination and implementation fronts. Since 1993 the City has had a transit-oriented policy that was passed and adopted by the City Council and Metro’s board. But a lack of collaboration internally and inconsistent coordination with outside players has essentially left these policies “sitting on the shelf.” The report notes that some of those decades-old policies “still have merit in 2012.” Continue reading

Party Transit

13 Dec

Want to go for a joy ride? Consider the adults-only party train to Vegas. The private train, operated by Las Vegas Railway Express will run on old Amtrak rails, taking Sin City revelers from Fullerton to Las Vegas in five hours. The railway company is hoping to start service as early as New Year’s Eve, but with the line’s terminus described as a “yet-to-be-built depot in downtown Las Vegas,” that opening date may be wishful thinking. Continue reading

Crenshaw/LAX Corridor Film Series

14 Nov

Metro has commissioned video maker Mobolaji Olambiwonnu of Dreamseeker Media to produce six short videos that illustrate the historical context along the Crenshaw/LAX Corridor. Continue reading

Los Angeles: Measure J – Accelerate Traffic Relief and Job Creation

17 Oct

We’ve covered this measure before, so this will be brief.

THE PROPOSAL: If approved, this bill would extend the half-cent sales tax approved by voters in 2008. By extending the sales tax, the local transportation authority will be able to qualify for new financing options and can accelerate the timeline for completing a series of transit projects. Continue reading

Redevelopment Redo

17 Sep

The State Legislature recently passed SB 1156, “a bill that would allow cities and counties to create Sustainable Communities Investment Authorities.” The bill now awaits the Governor’s signature at the end of the month. As we’ve noted, SB 1156 attempts to resuscitate elements of redevelopment after all of the state’s redevelopment agencies were shuttered last year. Hopes are high that Governor Brown will sign the new legislation. But is he likely to sign off on this redevelopment redo? Continue reading