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Parklet Update

15 Feb
Image from Cynthia Guzman

Image from Cynthia Guzman

Los Angeles now has four parklets in place. The photos above were taken by ELP’s own Cynthia Guzman during the official opening for the Spring Street installments earlier this month. The LA sidewalk parks come on the heels of reports from Long Beach that the parklets installed in that city are netting tangible economic benefits for some lucky restaurateurs. In Downtown Los Angeles, the neighborhood council is “mid-stream in conducting [a] Parklet Impact Study,” so expect more hard numbers in a few months. Also, they’re soliciting new ideas for more locations, so email away!

Where are the POPOS?

14 Jan

Privately-owned public open spaces are publicly accessible areas that are built and maintained by private developers. Sporting the unfortunate moniker of “POPOS,” these open spaces include plazas, terraces, atriums, and small parks, among others.   Continue reading

LowLine Update

15 Oct

We talked about the LowLine’s Kickstarter campaign a few months back and we’ve got some updates to share. First, it looks like the campaign managed to raise enough cash to finance the creation of a small replica of the underground park in an abandoned warehouse. The plan calls for the use of new technologies that’ll help deliver sunlight from above ground to the subterranean park in sufficient quantities to allow for photosynthesis. Check out this CNN video for more details on the project.

The Hollywood Freeway Park is One Step Closer to Reality

13 Sep

The Friends of the Hollywood Central Park organization is one step closer to making a 44-acre park atop the Hollywood Freeway a reality. A $1.2 million gift from the Aileen Getty Foundation is providing the gap financing need to fund the project’s Environmental Impact Report (EIR). Earlier this year, the organization secured $825,000 in funding from the City, leaving a funding gap of $1.2 million to complete the $2 million EIR.  The foundation elected to provide the gap funding, with Aileen Getty noting that the “Hollywood Central Park is about building community and celebrating our commonality in a natural environment.” Continue reading

Park(ing) Day + Parklets

13 Sep

It’s that time of the year when parking spaces are transformed from automotive resting pads to little urban oases. Park(ing) Day will be on Friday, September 21st, so keep an eye out for these temporary public spaces. Continue reading

LowLine Project

19 Mar

“What kind of park is underground? An awesome one.”

That’s the pitch for a project that aims to re-imagine, redesign and revitalize an old, abandoned underground trolley terminal in Manhattan’s Lower East Side. Continue reading