LA Clean Trucks Program Update

15 Feb

The 2008 passage of the Clean Trucks Program at the Port of Los Angeles generated significant public health benefits for residents of the surrounding communities by reducing their exposure to dangerous diesel fuel emissions. The program which, imposes environmental, safety, and security requirements on diesel trucks that enter the Port, also sparked a lengthy legal battle between the Port of LA and the American Trucking Association (ATA). That battle has made its way up to the US Supreme Court.

The ATA’s suit argues that the Port overstepped federal law in approving the regulations that they contend interfere with interstate commerce. So far the lower courts have sided with the Port, upholding the core elements of the Clean Trucks Program. The Supreme Court’s recent announcement that it will hear the ATA’s appeal later this year has many environmentalists, residents, and officials who worked to secure the deal feeling anxious. The Supreme Court’s ruling on this case will have big regulatory implications for Southern California’s largest source of air pollution. Since its full implementation in 2012, the program has led to an 80% reduction in emissions from port trucks. A decision against the Port could threaten the progress made thus far.

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