More Than Just Optimism

17 Dec

As the year draws to a close, it appears that the Golden State has turned a corner. At the onset of 2012 we called on Californians to remake the state in the image of our boldest vision. And, assuming that the world doesn’t come to an end in three days, it seems like the state is on track to do just that. Voters have stepped up to help right the state’s wayward finances, embracing education and continued funding for clean technology. The state’s cap-and-trade program is off the ground, high speed rail is gaining traction, and a plan to fix our vulnerable water system is in the works. Moreover, it seems that California is once again positioned to be a national leader in innovation. Our progress has been uneven, and great disparities still exist along geographic and socioeconomic lines. Still, it seems like California’s trajectory has shifted upward.

It is with this in mind that we examine some of the programs and practices that hold promise for the future. First, we look at how the world’s second largest carbon market will allocate revenues to put California on a more sustainable path. From there, we turn to a new cabinet focused on fostering collaboration and coordination around transit-oriented development in Los Angeles. Finally, we detail the Chicago Infrastructure Trust’s preliminary effort to seek private financers to build and upgrade the city’s critical infrastructure.

In all of this, it takes more than just optimism to make a difference. Effectiveness and the willingness to take risks are essential.

Sincerely yours,

Cecilia V. Estolano | Jennifer LeSar | Katherine A. Perez-Estolano

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    […] news that the Governor’s proposed budget is “roughly in balance” confirms our tentative assessment that the Golden State has truly turned a corner and is on its way to a real economic recovery. […]

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