A Nudge in the Right Direction

19 Nov

With the November elections behind us, it’s time to go beyond promises and platitudes and get down to the task of governance. If politicians and pundits were focused on gaining momentum in the lead-up to November 6th, the emphasis has now shifted to mandates (real or imagined) and fulfilling the will of the electorate. As we send a newly elected crop of policymakers to their respective local, state, and federal posts, it’s important to assess what new decision-making tools and emerging policies are available.

This month, we look at climate change adaptation strategies in light of recent extreme weather events. We report on some of the outcomes from the November 6th elections, with a focus on how local and statewide ballot initiatives fared in California. And we examine a new financing tool that uses private investments to execute social service programs.

Growing consumer confidence, robust housing starts and a swerve away from a fiscal cliff all seem to point in the right direction. But a long slow recovery requires policymakers to consider a full range of options to nudge progress along.

Sincerely yours,

Cecilia V. Estolano | Jennifer LeSar | Katherine Aguilar Perez

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