Los Angeles: Measure J – Accelerate Traffic Relief and Job Creation

17 Oct

We’ve covered this measure before, so this will be brief.

THE PROPOSAL: If approved, this bill would extend the half-cent sales tax approved by voters in 2008. By extending the sales tax, the local transportation authority will be able to qualify for new financing options and can accelerate the timeline for completing a series of transit projects.

IF YOU’RE A BELIEVER: Measure J will create jobs and get transportation projects throughout Los Angeles County built more quickly without raising taxes.

IF YOU’RE SKEPTICAL: The job creation figures are dubious and the benefits associated with the accelerated project timelines aren’t equitably distributed.

WHAT IT MEANS: Measure J is a predictable outcome based on the fractured state of transportation infrastructure finance in the U.S. Voters expressed their willingness to pony up the cash to pay for local transportation improvements when they passed Measure R four years back, but it is unclear if the electorate is ready to reaffirm this commitment.

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  1. Post-Election Day Roundup « The ELP Blog - November 20, 2012

    […] Measure J narrowly failed, falling short of the two-thirds majority it needed to pass. The proposed 30-year extension of a half-cent sales tax was supported by 64.7% of the electorate. For now, Los Angeles County transportation projects will have to wait for available financing to proceed. […]

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