Case Study #2: Clean Technology Sector

14 Sep

Like the biomedical sector, L.A.’s clean technology sector has great potential. The region is already home to the largest green economy in the nation [PDF]. Working with the umbrella organization Cleantech Los Angeles (CTLA), the Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator (LACI) is looking to harness the region’s assets. Cleantech LA is positioned to be a coordinator of funders, investors, entrepreneurs, business, researchers, educational institutions, and local government. As we described last month, Cleantech LA is poised to take on the role of a backbone organization to propel collective impact.

Meanwhile, the Incubator has already supported the launch of clean tech startups in EV charging, turbine, and solar technology. As we noted a few months back, LACI works closely with nearby universities, local government, and businesses. Now, the Incubator and CTLA are looking to attract investors to execute their broader strategy and vision.

Organizations like CTLA and LACI have already laid the groundwork for the proliferation of clean technology firms in the Los Angeles area. But, as we’ve seen with the biomedical sector, better coordination of resources and attracting additional investments are necessary ingredients to help take clean tech to scale.

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