A Clearer Vision for California

21 Aug

It takes vision to get anything done. Right now we find ourselves in the midst of a transformative moment in U.S. politics and governance. At a time when resources must be allocated wisely, our leaders and decision-makers are asking the public to pick amongst competing visions for the future. These visions rightly focus on how public resources get used and what institutions, projects, and programs will be prioritized.

This month, we’re looking at several visions for the future of California. We pivot from the bleak outlook for the financial future of the state’s local governments to the Governor’s multi-billion dollar plan to secure water supplies throughout the state. We look at the possible implications of focusing too narrowly on cost efficiency in the context of transit projects and voice our support for a process that has the potential to create a collective strategy that enhances workforce development efforts in the Golden State.

The unifying theme is that forming a clearly articulated vision is the first step to addressing pressing issues. If the vision isn’t one that we like, there’s an opportunity to craft an alternative scenario that reduces negative outcomes. If the vision is one that we endorse, then groups must work collaboratively to focus their mobilization and implementation efforts. In any case, a principled vision for the future should be the guiding force for any substantial undertaking.

Sincerely yours,

Cecilia V. Estolano | Jennifer LeSar | Katherine Aguilar Perez

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