Collective Impact for Jobs

20 Aug

A couple of months back, we proclaimed that it’s time to focus on the job-doers. Now we’re pleased to highlight a conference that is focusing exclusively on workforce development in California. The California Workforce Association will be hosting the “Meeting of the Minds” conference in early September. The focus of the conference will be on collective impact, which essentially looks at ways to strategically coordinate investments and activities to create better outcomes for everyone.

This presents an opportunity to continue the dialogue about how state agencies and allied organizations can work together to create the best outcomes for California’s workforce. Interventions like the Smart Workforce Initiative seek to provide training and career education geared towards careers in California’s growth sectors. Given the state’s economic landscape, these efforts are focusing on building partnerships that are centered on the state’s regional industry clusters.

The conference will allow teams in workforce, economic development, education, business, and industry to come together and identify needs, priorities, and activities that will support the state’s major regional industries and sectors.

This conference is a promising first step that attempts to discuss issues and bring major players to the table. But to follow the collective impact model laid out by the Stanford Social Innovation Review article, this discussion is merely a first step.

Shifting to a model of collective impact “requires a systemic approach in which multiple cross-sector actors align their vision and strategy, develop shared objective and accountability, and put in place a supporting infrastructure to sustain the effort and ensure progress is made,” notes Jeff Kutash, Managing Editor of the Foundation Strategy Group. That’s a tall order, but you’ve got to start somewhere. Let’s hope that the “Meeting of the Minds” conference is the first step in getting a coordinated workforce investment initiative off the ground.

2 Responses to “Collective Impact for Jobs”

  1. Community Paradigms (@BrianDRPM) August 25, 2012 at 3:03 pm #

    You should include LinkedIn and Google+ share buttons as well. Speaking of LinkedIn you should have your own group since you discuss such a wide range of economic development and community empowerment topics.


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