Small Scale Solutions for Big Problems

23 May

As the national economy continues to meander through a tenuous recovery, California just can’t seem to overcome its fiscal maladies. The Golden State is facing a deficit of nearly $16 billion, and some analysts are saying the number can climb to $17 billion.

In spite of this, California still manages maintain its footing as a hotbed of creativity and innovation. Whether it’s by necessity or design, creative problem solving is one of the state’s greatest assets.

While Californians contemplate higher taxes and budget cuts, there’s an urgent need to consider shifting paradigms and adopt new ways of thinking about some of the most fundamental processes. From transit equity to microenterprise formation, we’re looking at some emerging patterns that are re-framing traditional practices, policies, and interventions.

These inventive models address everything from re-thinking street vendor regulations and eliminating red-tape for small businesses, to making sure that new transit lines connect underserved communities to grocery stores.

Even on a small scale, these examples show how new approaches can be used to tackle complex problems.

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