Central Avenue: A Community Album

18 Apr

The artists were intent on creating a body of work that tells the history of the South Los Angeles through the dual lens of personal history and “outsider” documentation.

That is the premise for the Central Avenue Community Album Project.  Artist Jason Neville, working with local residents, business owners, and his photographer-roommate Sam Comen, canvassed the Central Avenue neighborhood in South LA. The project took Neville to schools, churches, tamalerìas, party supply stores, tiendas de segundos, masonic halls, tire shops, and beauty salons. There he met with residents and scanned snapshots from their family albums.

Through this process, he gathered over 600 photos that tell a personal history of life on Central Avenue dating back to the 1920s.

In addition to amassing historic images, Jason and Sam have taken hundreds of pictures along Central Avenue to create a contemporary set of work that captures the neighborhood as it is today. The timing of this project was deliberately chosen to coincide with the anniversary of the 1992 riots.

The “Central Avenue: A Community Album” project can be viewed at 2515 Central from April 14-25.

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